What are your deepest dreams and aspirations about creating new life and growing a family?


When a baby is conceived, so are the parents!

Your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual 

health will impact your child, beginning with gestation

inside the womb.

 Are you prepared?

Children are the future leaders of our world.

Levels of stress, burnout, and depression among

parents are on the rise. Don't let this be you! 

Take responsibility.


Ready to have a positive life transformation during your newborn parenting journey?


Hi, I'm Sizzle! 

"...Her unassuming and warm presence, calming words, as well as evidence-based knowledge, were unparalleled."

"..an incredible resource and wealth of knowledge."


My full name is Suzanna Miller, but my friends call me Sizzle! Through professional life coaching, doula services, and compassionate guidance I help parents thrive during the demanding phase of newborn parenting, beginning with preconception.


I am a - 

  • Virtual coach

  • Holistic doula

  • Yoga instructor

  • Reiki practitioner


With a comprehensive background in -


  • Developmental psychology

  • Ayurveda & Yoga

  • Reiki

  • Behavioral health  

  • Research at Yale Child Study Center

Are you set up to thrive?

My services benefit the entire world by giving children the best possible start which ultimately helps to heal the world. Let's minimize stress and maximize peace & joy. ​Do it for our children, their future, and your grandchildren too!

I Believe In You! 

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Happy Couple

"My husband and I had a series of coaching calls with Suzanna when we were deciding to start our family. These coaching calls were really powerful because they helped us to get on the same page. We were able to fully decide that YES we were 100% "all in" on having kids, knowing why we wanted them together, and having discussions that would prepare us for the process.

I was admittedly (embarrassingly) naive about ovulation awareness and timing for the purposes of conception, so not only did Suzanna help us to come together as a couple to prepare to conceive, but her loving, non-judgmental support to get me to really start tracking my fertility was a game-changer.

I also focused on re-balancing my hormones with the help of a doctor following her recommendation. We started tracking ovulation and "timing our efforts" in late March. By mid-May, I knew that I was going to be a mom when the test read positive. Suzanna is knowledgeable, caring, and a perfect choice for couples who want to consciously conceive."

—Megan, 2019