Prenatal & postpartum depression, anxiety, and stress

are on the rise. 

I help parents prevent these issues by honoring and guiding parents 

through the permanent life changes of becoming parents.

We work together to make a personalized plan, and I guide you through with

knowledge, wisdom, and compassionate support.

When a baby is conceived, so are the parents!  

Do you feel supported? 


Are you set up to thrive? 


Children are the future leaders of our world.

 Our mental, emotional, and physical health are critical to their success. 

Are you prepared to give your babies the best possible start?

Let's take responsibility and keep the peace!

Let's do it for our children, their future, and your grandchildren's future too!

I am here to guide you! 



Serving families nationwide

Are you planning a family & wanting to conceive consciously, as naturally as possible?

Curious how to create your SUPER BABY?

Journey through your emotional, mental, and spiritual realms of becoming a parent!

Bring more mindfulness, presence, and intention into your preconception journey!

Increase your chances of conceiving naturally and having a well-adjusted child; setting your family up for the best possible life.

Take responsibility for healing before your baby enters your world.

Reclaim your power and wisdom in becoming a conscious co-creator!

Generate healthy and integrated humans to better our life on earth, serving your lineage and humanity's future generations!


Serving families nationwide

Are you pregnant and seeking postpartum support?


Enjoy life with your newborn, feeling honored, nurtured, nourished, and deeply supported!

Reclaim the wisdom of postpartum care.

Luxury packages designed to make Mothers feel like the Goddesses that you are! Body, Mind, Spirit guidance, support, nourishment, and nurturance to honor the mother-baby dyad, alleviate worries, anxiety, overwhelm, and bring family into harmony.

Create a calm environment for babies to be introduced into the world peacefully forever impacting their brain development and their ability to co-regulate positively to the environment setting all up for a healthy future. 


Forever impacting the future of humanity!

Meal Delivery Services

Serving Denver + Colorado

Want to be spoiled with delicious food?

Deep nourishment for new mothers to rest, recovery, and falling in love with their new baby.  Family menu + Mothers Menu to support the whole family during the postpartum transition.


 "I cannot encapsulate a better experience than having Suzanna as our doula...She was not only incredible support during postpartum but we also consider her a friend. She provided us incredible support with such a calm, empowering demeanor. She is also such an incredible resource and wealth of knowledge. We couldn't have made it the last three months without her, and every time she was away, we missed her (and still do)! If you are looking for postpartum support or a night nurse, Suzanna truly is a great person to have and we are so grateful to have experienced sharing post birth with her." -NW 2020


Suzanna helped me through the beginning of a new phase of motherhood as a stay-at-home mommy of two. She coached me, helped me create and track goals to keep my brain focused, and provided an outlet for much-needed adult interaction in those first few months while everything was overwhelming and new. She was patient and kind, she listened to my opinions and concerns, and made sure that my mental health was a priority when I didn’t have the brain space to spend on it.

Suzanna is incredibly knowledgeable about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and childcare; which was so helpful when I was exhausted, struggling with the changes my body had just gone through and had two little ones to look after on top of it all. It was life-giving having someone to care specifically for me and my mental health in this transitional time. It helped me become the best mom I could be.


“We cannot even begin to express our sincere gratitude for Suzanna and her expertise. As first time parents (and first time mom of a now almost 7 month old!), my husband and I were unfamiliar with the role of postpartum doulas. She introduced us to incredible care centered on the recovering mom and needs of the brand new infant. Our daughter arrived a bit early, and was less than 5 lbs when we brought her home; she required a “triple feeding schedule” that resulted in almost 90 minutes of various forms of feeding followed by 30 minutes of rest...and repeat!  Needless to say, and despite so much love and support from our families, we were exhausted. Suzanna was truly a light in the haze of sleeplessness and new-parent uncertainty. Her unassuming and warm presence, calming words, as well as evidence-based, postpartum/breastfeeding knowledge were unparalleled. She skillfully guided us all through the early weeks of parenthood (and with COVID looming). We recommend her services to all!”


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