When a baby is conceived, so are the parents!  

Do you feel supported? 

Are you set up to thrive? 


Levels of stress, burnout, and depression among parents are on the rise.

Our society at large has lost its way when it comes to having a physiological birth and postpartum.


Are you prepared to give your babies the best possible start?

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Children are the future leaders of our world.

 Our mental, emotional, and physical health are critical to everyone's success.

Gain the necessary knowledge of how to thrive during the demanding phase of newborn parenting.

Let's take responsibility and keep the peace!

​Do it for our children, their future, and your grandchildren's future too!

I am here for you! 

"Suzanna's introduced us to incredible care centered on the recovering mom and needs of the brand new infant."
- LG 2020

"..an incredible resource and wealth of knowledge. We couldn't have made it the last three months without her...we are so grateful!"

-NW 2020


Hi, I'm Suzanna!

I am a holistic preconception, birth and postpartum doula, yoga instructor, and Reiki practitioner with a comprehensive background in Ayurveda, child developmental psychology, behavioral health, and neuroscience autism research at Yale University.


I help parents, like you,  have positive mental, emotional and physical journeys by honoring and guiding you through the permanent life changes of parenting a newborn!

We work together to 

minimize stress and maximize peace & joy.

 I support you through 

knowledge, wisdom, and compassionate support.

I guide parents into the physiological wisdom of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. 


My services benefit our entire community from the very beginning, giving you the best possible start, which ultimately is helping to heal the world.

Let's Doula This! 


Schedule a free consult with me today!

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Planning a family? 

Want to conceive as naturally as possible?

Curious how to create your SUPER BABY?

Water Birth

Birth Doula

I prioritize the family, hold space, accompany and don't interfere with a woman's holistic stages of having a physiological childbirth.

Reiki Treatment


Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing, Sacred Womb Healing 

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Podcasts, Interviews, Education, Speaking 

Prenatal Yoga


Reclaim your power & prepare for your childbirth like the Mother Goddess Warrior that you are! 

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Postpartum Doula

Specializing in Ayurvedic care for the ​Frist 40 days after childbirth and beyond

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Sattva Kriya Himalayan Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama

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Women’s Retreat Facilitator & Chef    

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