Positive Postpartum

Support Human Potential From The Very Beginning
By Coaching Parents Through The Life Transitions & Transformations of Newborn Parenthood.
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Hi! I'm Suzanna, aka Coach Sizzle!

I specialize in women's embodiment coaching, dream coaching & life coaching pre-parenthood thru the fourth trimester. I love helping people achieve a better life! Learn more about My Story.

  • Do you feel safe and supported during important life transitions? 

  • What outcome would you most want to create in your life in regards to becoming a parent?

  • What are your deepest dreams and aspirations for growing a family? 

Take responsibility for yourself and your parenting journey now! Parenting starts with You! Let’s chat. 

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I am a: 

  • Holistic Full Spectrum Doula

  • Virtual Coach

  • Yoga Practitioner 

  • Reiki Healer 


With a comprehensive background in -


  • Developmental Psychology

  • Womb Awakening 

  • Ayurveda

  • Yoga

  • Reiki

  • Behavioral Health  

  • Research at Yale Child Study Center