The mission of Positive Postpartum is to increase your health and comfort as you grow in parenthood, minimizing stress and maximizing joy. 

Furthermore, the mission is to bring back the knowledge that motherhood is a feminine way of knowing and learning. Positive Postpartum emphasizes that motherhood requires more feminine solutions and needs to be treated in a feminine way. The importance of this paired with feminine wisdom and traditions allow you to be empowered, supported and will increase your health during your parenting journey.




The benefits of Positive Postpartum services are life-changing!

  • Experience a positive, empowering & healthy parenting journey.

  • Feel more comfortable, nurtured and supported. 

  • Gain praise and self-love. 

  • Have more confidence. 

  • Avoid prolonged pain. 

  • Receive support, education, and pampering. 

  • Increase your oxytocin allowing your body to make its own happy hormones. 

  • Learn how to save time and money by approaching motherhood from a feminine perspective, embracing feminine power & strength.

  • Experience traditional care from all over the world to honor this rite of passage.

  • Avoid all the effort of self-study and hire a professional that will bring the parenting instincts out of you.

  • Build authentic, everlasting connections.


Positive Postpartum cultivates the sloth symbolism into the postpartum experience:









A sloth lives a pretty good 

s-l-o-w life. Maybe we have something to learn from them.

Some daysbeing sloth-like may be just what you need
to avoid being consumed 

by urgency."
Jonathan Lockwood Huie


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