Levels of stress, burnout, exhaustion, and depression among mothers are soaring. Caretaking traditions have been lost as we forget to honor the mother! Mothers are being pushed to the end of their rope. 


Many intense emotions come along with being a new parent. Parents invest in endless efforts to ensure the best start for their children. But mothers need a strong start too! They need compassionate guidance and nurturing care because when a baby is born so is the mother. 



What is a Postpartum Doula?

Mother-focused care after the baby is born.

As a certified postpartum doula, my focus is to mother the mother.


I make sure she has what she needs to focus on caring for her infant including making sure she's well-fed, hydrated, and comfortable. I teach partners and siblings on how to support the new mother while giving baby-care tips.

provide families with information and support to maximize health during the life-changing experience of having a baby. 

I step in where needed checking in with the mother's health each visit. The postpartum journey is truly an opportunity to retreat, withdrawing to a quiet home environment, bonding, healing, and falling in love with your new baby.

Utilizing these services will help you feel rested, nourished, calm, and centered to increase your patience, health, joy, and happiness.


You are worthy of a Positive Postpartum!



Positive Postpartum cultivates the sloth into the logo, which symbolizes the early parenting journey with the following words:









"A sloth lives a pretty good 

s-l-o-w life. Maybe we have something to learn from them. Some daysbeing sloth-like may be just what you need
to avoid being consumed 

by urgency."

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Author and Lover of Life

“An incredible doula! So helpful, supportive, and prepared in every capacity! She came prepared to listen and care for our family’s emotional needs as well as physical. She sat, talked, and listened for hours as needed! She taught us our baby’s cues and awake states. She empowered us to learn and believe in ourselves as parents. She was gentle and sensitive in her loving approach. "

- Mother, AC

  • Empowerment

  • Less stress

  • Relief

  • Faster Healing

  • Feel nurtured and supported 

  • Gain self-love

  • Reassurance

  • Confidence 

  • Avoid prolonged pain 

  • Professional guidance

  • Education & resources

  • More parenting tools

  • Increased joy (oxytocin)  

  • Save time and money by preventing or restoring dis-ease

  • Embracing your feminine power & strength

  • Experience traditional care

  • Be honored through this rite of passage

  • Tuned into your innate parenting instincts 

  • Answers to questions and concerns 

  • Companionship

  • Help to navigate the unknowns

  • Tools for bonding 

  • Honest and open discussions about the highs and lows of early parenting

  • Referrals when necessary 

  • Happy memories

  • Everlasting relationships

“Suzanna did a fantastic job supporting our family’s breastfeeding goals, teaching my wife different strategies to help make it easier for her and baby. She provided multiple tips and comforted us as new parents. She gave us methodologies and resources of helping baby and ourselves adapt to the ever-changing environment.”
- Father G.H.

Serving Families Nationwide

Suzanna Miller

Tel: 859-948-7870

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