Hi, I’m Suzanna aka Coach Sizzle
My wish is that you have everything it takes to maximize joy during this incredible time in your life. I am dedicated to empowering women, and their partners, during the major life changes of early parenting. Allow me to help transform fears, uncertainties, and doubts into empowerment, confidence, and trust; increasing peace, happiness, and joy. Contact me to set up a free coaching session! 

The journey of Positive Postpartum truly began when I was six years old with the birth of my brother. As a nurturing big sister, teacher, and natural leader, I was drawn to supporting families in the community.

After receiving a bachelor of arts in developmental psychology from the University of Kentucky, I did many different things before finding my true calling as a Life Coach; birth and postpartum doula, infant/toddler lead daycare teacher, learning coach, behavioral health specialist in the child/adolescent psychiatric unit, professional nanny, and research assistant in an autism research lab at Yale Child Study Center.

Since 2016 I've been serving families as a coach, holistic birth and postpartum doula, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, and Ayurvedic chef, empowering parents with my expertise, resources, and compassionate support virtually and in clients' homes. 

I make sure parents are well-equipped to juggle the demands of newborn parenting setting up themselves and their children for the best possible future! Evolve, thrive, and become the best version of yourself!
Over the past years, I have been blessed by countless friends, old and new. I am honored to serve and connect with all the amazing families, wonderful birth professionals, and loving mentors I have met along the way. I am forever grateful!

"Her presence and support is a gift to children, babies, and mamas."
-JW 2020

"I cannot encapsulate a better experience than having Suzanna as our postpartum doula. She was not only incredible support during postpartum but we also consider her a friend."- NW 2020

Some of my greatest passions are creating and mapping out the life and business of my dreams! And helping clients do the same! If you accept the invitation to work with me you will move toward your highest potential and dig deeper within to find your own answers, enhancing all your relationships in life; gain new skills, immense patience, and deep knowledge, as well as, emotional support needed to make parenting a positive, fulfilling, nurturing experience.

"Suzanna was truly a light in the haze of sleeplessness and new-parent uncertainty. She skillfully guided us all through the early weeks of parenthood."
- LG 2020

By transforming doubts and uncertainties into empowerment and confidence we work together to increase your peace, happiness, and joy, which positively affects your children and future generations.

Allow me to help transform fears, uncertainties and doubts into empowerment, confidence and trust; increasing peace, happiness, and joy.


"It was life-giving having Suzanna care specifically for me and my health in this transitional time. It helped me become the best mom I could be.”
- EB 2018

When I'm not serving others, I am honoring and taking care of myself and my own family; loving on my husband & 2 golden retriever sisters. I work on self-actualization, embodying the divine energies within, and enjoy practicing meditation, yoga, music, singing, and dance. I love cooking and being outdoors, especially in Puerto Rico, and I love tapping my foot, dancing along, and playing percussion to my husband's banjo.
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In Wellness,

Suzanna Miller

Founder of Positive Postpartum,

Educator, Coach, Holistic Doula, 

Reiki II Practitioner,

Yoga Instructor