Private Chef and Catering

Ayurvedic recipes to heal mama's mind, body, and soul after childbirth. Ayurvedic cooking for postpartum healing is full of good fats and staple postpartum foods, beverages, sweets, and teas to keep mama well-nourished and aids in healing. The menu is for the first ten days, ten days-three weeks, three weeks to six weeks. 

A postpartum mama's food mantra:
Enjoy foods that are sweet, warm, oily, simple and moist!
Sit down and eat fresh, homemade food regularly.
If you only do one thing- eat cooked foods.

Once your baby has arrived the mama will only have two things on her to-do list: falling in love and learning to breastfeed.


I offer Ayurvedic Meals for Mommy with the delivery of 3 fresh, organic, homemade meals + beverages, and snacks once a week to nourish the mama allowing her to regain strength and heal. Recommended service is for the first 6 weeks postpartum. 

I also offer private chef and catering for the whole family. Contact me for the menu!

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