A Positive Postpartum Platinum Package 

The Babymoon Retreat

Providing you with the best blanket of support to maximize a joyful transition into parenthood. We will turn your bedroom into a sanctuary oasis to welcome your baby and create an unforgettable first 40 days experience!  


This care package extends over the third and "fourth" trimester up to the first-year postpartum. Experience full-spectrum care with exquisite pampering, village building, and nourishment for your mind, body, and soul. We will create a setting in which you (and our partner) are intimately alone with your baby and get to know your baby without the intrusion of the usual responsibilities and social contracts.












The Babymoon Retreat:


Before Baby Arrives...

  • Prenatal visits 

    • 1 via telecommunication / 1 in-person  


After Baby Arrives...the First 40 Days

  • Spa Treatments

    • Ceremonial flower baths, Yoni steams, Sitz baths, Bodywork, Belly binding, Guided Meditation, Restorative Yoga, Sacred Womb Reiki

  • Holistic Gift Package 

    • Local, organic products to nurture mom and baby​

  • Email and Phone support 

    • Monday-Friday 8a-5pm 



After the first 40 days...

  • Virtual Positive Parent Sessions 

    • We will continue to connect via telecommunication

    • Work to target problems and find solutions​​

    • Guided Meditation and Intention Setting

    • Email Support

    • Printable resources

    • Access to the contact list of local, trusted, postpartum professionals 

  • Childcare for Date Nights​​

The expression babymoon was coined in the early 1990s by pregnancy and childbirth author Sheila Kitzinger described it as a calm, uninterrupted period of time needed by parents after the birth of a baby so that they could spend time bonding. It is a special time in the growth of love, and for many has a significance greater than that of the honeymoon.

Apply to the life-changing Babymoon Retreat by setting up a free discovery call and filling out the information below! 

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Suzanna Miller

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