Are you a parent about to witness the birth of your child? 

Get Prepared!... 

You are the second most important person in the room besides the birthing mother.

Are you ready?


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Manifesto for Partners: Childbirth Education
August 8-10, 2021

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Take charge of your role during childbirth!


Don't be dismissed!


Being dismissed is the ultimate insult for a parent at their child's birth!

Who holds the charge for a birth? 

You do!
Learn how to be the perfect, intimate advocate to your partner during childbirth!

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Don’t just survive – thrive! 


Your host, Suzanna Miller, founder of Positive Postpartum, a holistic birth and Ayurvedic postpartum doula, Reiki practitioner, Yogini and wellness coach is beginning a virtual education series this summer 2021.

Levels of stress, burnout, and depression among new parents are on the rise.

I help parents have positive mental, emotional and physical journeys,


Gain the necessary knowledge of how to thrive during the demanding phase of newborn parenting.


By preparing partners how to best support a birthing mother we are benefiting our community from the very beginning, giving families the best possible start, which ultimately will help heal the world.

Experience minimal stress; more peace and joy!

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"Suzanna's unassuming and warm presence, calming words, as well as evidence-based knowledge, were unparalleled."
- LG 2020

" incredible resource and wealth of knowledge. We couldn't have made it the last three months without her...we are so grateful!"

-NW 2020

"Suzanna's introduced us to incredible care centered on the recovering mom and needs of the brand new infant."
- LG 2020

You will learn:

  • How to thrive in the birth environment

  • How to get involved to protect a sacred birth environment.

  • What to say to communicate effectively with other care providers.

  • How to build leverage to put yourself and your partner FIRST.

  • How to be the perfect, intimate advocate.

  • How to be an Archangel for a birthing Mother and Baby.


  • Experience childbirth with your partner in a deeply profound way, full of empowerment and joy...not fear and stress. 

  • Decrease and minimize stress in the mother and baby

  • Better birth outcomes.

  • Be confident, attentive, and calm.
  • Build community with other parents. 



  • What: 3-day Virtual Workshop: Manifesto for Partners

  • Cost: $75 

  • Why: give partners more childbirth education,  respect, leverage, teaching you how to get involved and protect a sacred birth environment to decrease and minimize stress to the mother and baby

  • When: August 8-10, 2021

  • Where: We will meet virtually in the evening (MST) 

  • Who: Expecting Parents + your host, Suzanna Miller

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