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Planning a family can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in your life. The 12-3 months before you conceive are very important to pass on the best possible genes to your baby.


These services are designed to prep your "garden" with health and vitality by educating, honoring and serving you and your partner during this very important stage of parenthood. They will allow you to consciously think about what you wish to carry forward into your family life and what you desire to cultivate within your relationship. You will learn how to optimize your mental, emotional and physical health before you conceive by being conscious about the health and wellness of your mind and body! This will open the passageway to bring forth new life. It is a rite of passage into the sacred realm of parenthood. 


*Discover more about your partner and boost your connection

*Tools to express the best version of your genes!

*Learn how to prep your “garden” for vitality and health 

*Physically, emotional, and mental healing and clearing

*Inventory and reflection of all aspects of life

*Confidence to create

*Awareness of yourself and yourself as a parent

*Professional coaching and tools to practice


*Preconception Consultation

 6 sessions over 12 weeks to establish and create a 12-week action plan to create mindful steps leading to conception and healthy pregnancy. Establish your intentions and get your body ready for baby! Learn about your own health in a way to inspire and motivate you so you can start to see the changes little by little. The goal is to prepare you emotionally, mentally, physically. 

*The Conscious Conception workshop

An interactive, educational workshop to help you put the pieces together! We will discuss the following topics:


-the sacredness of preparing

-intentions and journal prompts


-healthy sperm & eggs

-healthy menstruation 

-toxins, detox, solutions

-Q & A 

-(3) 60 min sessions


*Detox Boost

Need a Detox Boost? Join us in Berkeley Denver and receive a sauna session, hydrotherapy, and a fresh green juice. Detoxification is an important process of creating a fertile body for both men and women! Our 2 person infrared sauna will induce sweating and detoxification to help rid the body of harmful substances. Hydrotherapy strengthens the immune system and involves rinsing off with cold/hot/cold temperatures. Time to hydrate body and skin! Natural products are provided. The detox juice or smoothie will help restore the cells that just pushed out toxins by replenishing the body with essential vitamins and minerals.


- Sauna

- Hydrotherapy 

- Fresh Detox Juice 

- Reverse Osmosis Water


- 45-minute sauna session 

- 15-minute cold/hot rinse off

- Natural products to hydrate

- Finish with a fresh detox juice or smoothie followed with integration

- 90 min. session

*Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing that involves a light touch and full body attainment of life force energy. This energy, when blocked or diminished, can cause imbalances or disease in the body, including fertility problems keeping a woman from becoming pregnant. Reiki will help restore a person's energy and repair broken and depleted energies. 


- (3) 90 min. Reiki Treatment

- Integration with an herbal tea 

*Holistic package

Nurture and honor your partner's conscious conception journey


Detox Products

Essential Oils for healthy living

Womb tonic tea Womb Love Apothecary

Fertility Elixirs by Rise Shine Love

Male and female fertility boosting vitamins and supplements

Ovulation and ph test strips

Pregnancy tests


Prenatal vitamins

Healthy products to nourish sexuality

*V.I.P Package

Are you ready to boost your consciousness, wellness and clarity about what you want to create? The V.I.P Package offers includes all of the services. 


*Preconception Consultation

*Private Workshop

*Detox Boost

*Reiki Energy Treatment

*Gift package

*Custom Packages Available

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