Conscious Conception






The months before you conceive are very important to pass on the best possible genes to your baby.  


Conscious Coaching is for you if you are trying to conceive naturally and want to know more about maximizing your chances of conception. You will be able to identify your fertile window, prepare your body by detoxing elements that affect fertility, and connect to your fertile power within you. It is useful for individual women and couples. 


Planning a family is one of the most exciting times in your life.


This is for you if:


- you’ve been trying to conceive naturally and haven’t gotten pregnant

- you've have had an unsuccessful pregnancy-- See my blog on grieving families

- you are holistically minded and want to invest in your mind, body, spirit connection

- you’ve been on birth control and feel disconnected to your womb space


- you want to learn about your unique ovulation window

- you are interested in eliminating toxins internally and externally in order to conceive the best possible version of your genes

- you don’t want to research the best supplements, recipes, meals, fertility-boosting foods - I give you all that plus more!

Results I help my clients with:

-Create mindful steps leading to conception and healthy pregnancy

-Establish your intentions and get your body ready for baby

-Learn about your own health in a way to inspire and motivate you so you can start to see the changes little by little 

-Reflect on all aspects of life

-Awareness of self and parent identity

-Discover more about your partner and boost your connection

-A Healthy Pregnancy

Learn about:

-the sacredness of preparing

-intentions and journal prompts


-how to prep your “garden” for vitality and health 

-healthy sperm & eggs

-healthy menstruation 

-toxins, detox, solutions

-tools to express the best version of your genes*

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