A Special Invitation to Couples feeling the call to have a baby...

Start preparing now with this personal inventory! 

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Reflect on who you are and who you

desire to be. Bring awareness to what needs to change before you get pregnant. Start the process of inviting in your Divine Child with these important questions!


Do you understand the sacredness of preparing?

"Conscious Conception" is a sacred union of two people embodying the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual readiness to invite a divine child into the world through an awakened womb. Get the 11 Personal Reflection Questions to Help You Become a Conscious Mother and start your journey of Conscious Conception today for just $11!
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Meet the Author!

Hi! I'm Suzanna aka Sizzle! I am the founder of Positive Postpartum and have a comprehensive background in developmental psychology, Ayurveda, Womb Awakening, Behavioral health, & Research at Yale Child Study Center.


I've provided over 100 families with knowledge, compassion, and support as a holistic doula and virtual coach, transforming fears, uncertainties, and doubts into confidence, and joy; increasing peace as you "prep your garden" and parent your child.


One of my greatest passions is coaching Conscious Conception, empowering partners on the sacredness of preparing through divine rituals, spiritual technologies as well as, the mental & emotional support needed to make parenthood a positive, nurturing, and transformational experience from the very beginning, so that children feel safe, connected, supported, nurtured, and loved.


Enjoy the self-reflection inventory and reach out to dive deeper into how to create your divine child!

11 Personal Inventory Questions to Help You Become a Conscious Mother - $11