A Special Invitation for Conscious Couples and Future Parents To Be...


"Conscious Conception Council"

June 13, 2022


Want To Be Optimally Prepared Before Pregnancy?

Join A Sacred Community?

Eliminate Fear, Overwhelm, and Frustration?

Hi, I'm Coach Sizzle, founder of Positive Postpartum. I coach couples on creating the life of their dreams by growing their family consciously! Gain clarity around having a baby,  generate optimal health and preparedness in your mind, body, and spirit, setting up a solid foundation. Join us!


 How it Works:

The 40-Day Mastermind provides:

  • A holistic environment of training, coaching, and community

  • Knowledge, wisdom, and clarity

  • Ensures growth and transformation as you prepare to conceive your divine child 


  • Experience inner harmony, and balance from within.

  • Access higher states of consciousness, heal karma and create healthy rituals.

  • Improve and build your awareness and emotional intelligence, flexibility, resilience, and trust. 

Strategic Family Planning

  • Weekly group coaching to master the mindset of a conscious creator.

  • Map out a clear path to optimize your confidence and self-esteem in becoming parents.

  • Receive support and guidance in integrating your transition to experience the fulfillment you deserve.

  • Come together with other couples from around the world.

  • Opportunity for 1-on-1 and couples coaching for a customized experience to further facilitate your transition, keeping you on track and accountable with a simple, actionable plan.

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Live Weekly Wisdom Talks

  • Connect with naturopathic doctors, a functional medicine doctor, a nurse, moms, dads, an acupuncturist, midwife, therapists, Ayurvedic practitioners, and human design specialists.


  • Get instant feedback and questions answered to add value and deepen your wisdom.

Study Group on the Grass

Digital Resource Library

  • Lifetime access to the Conscious Parenthood Digital Library.

  • Here are a few topics: how to prepare your nest, optimal diet, and nutrition for reproduction, valuable cleansing and detoxing strategies, personal and partner inventories to create space mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, the sacredness of preparing; creating rituals, love, focus, and coherence. Creating playfulness and intention.

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Outline of Program:


Here's To Reaching Your Next Level As You Create The Life Of Your Dreams & Grow Your Family Consciously!

In Wellness,

 Suzanna aka Coach Sizzle

 Founder of Positive Postpartum | Conscious Living Coach 

To respect your time and mine, let me share:


The characteristics of the people I work with best, and for whom I can make the most impact:


  • You have specific knowledge, skills, passions, and talents in holistic ways of living.

  • You're looking to expand your family right now or in the near future (1-3yrs).

  • You and your partner hold a shared interest in preparing yourselves for a divine child and life as parents. 

  • You have or are willing to set aside, a budget for parenthood and self-development that matches your values, and supports your family, impacting your life forever and even future generations.

  • You value and are interested in any of the following: the power of intention, imagination, high frequencies, healing, astrology, soul contracts, emotional intelligence, reparenting, inner-child healing, compassionate communication, and the power of choice.

  • You’re currently offering love, kindness, and compassion to the world, and have a deep desire for what you want to create when it comes to reproduction.

  • You are open to being coached, open-minded, and trying new things, even if they feel uncomfortable at first.

  • You are open to learning how childhood health begins before and during pregnancy.







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"My partner and I had a wonderful experience taking the Conscious Conception program. Suzanna's curriculum was a beautiful mix of education, personal reflection, goal setting, and mindfulness. I looked forward to every session and the "homework". She was the catalyst for many important discussions between my husband and I, and we are now more invested than ever in being conscious about family planning. We look forward to breaking old patterns learned from our personal upbringings and instead creating the healthy family we envision. I also felt incredibly empowered with the knowledge I gained about female anatomy and reproduction. It's shocking how little I knew as an adult female. Thank you, Suzanna!"

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"My partner and I enrolled in Suzanna’s Conscious Conception program. Suzanna put together thoughtful and information-packed guidance that we went over weekly with her. It was a time for my partner and me to come together and think intentionally about our future as potential parents.


We learned a lot about each other and Suzanna was very supportive, empathetic and knowledgeable in her advice. She has a total calming, friendly presence about her that makes you instantly feel at ease.


Thank you, Suzanna, for your insight and advice! Five months later we got pregnant!" -Anna & Sam

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"My husband and I had a series of coaching calls with Suzanna when we were deciding to start our family. These coaching calls were really powerful because they helped us to get on the same page. We were able to fully decide that YES we were 100% "all in" on having kids, knowing why we wanted them together, and having discussions that would prepare us for the process.


I was admittedly (embarrassingly) naive about ovulation awareness and timing for the purposes of conception, so not only did Suzanna help us to come together as a couple to prepare to conceive, but her loving, non-judgmental support to get me to really start tracking my fertility was a game-changer.


I also focused on re-balancing my hormones with the help of a doctor following her recommendation. We started tracking ovulation and "timing our efforts" in late March. By mid-May, I knew that I was going to be a mom when the test read positive. Suzanna is knowledgeable, caring, and a perfect choice for couples who want to consciously conceive." -Megan & Chris