Are you planning to have a baby?

Are you fully prepared mentally, emotionally, spiritually for this massive life transformation?

How will you express the best possible version of yourself?


What are you willing to put aside and what are you willing to take on to become the parents you wish to be?

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Create positive experiences around this sacred time of preconception, increasing the chances of having a natural pregnancy, well-adjusted child, set your family up for the best possible life from the very beginning!  


When a baby is conceived, so are the parents! 

Are you prepared?


Planning for conception can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling times in your life!

It is a rite of passage into the sacred realm of parenthood.

Sadly, levels of stress, burnout, exhaustion, and depression among new parents are on the rise.

Society is failing us on how to optimize the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit

during the preconception phase of parenthood.

How do you and your partner prepare?

What conversations need to take place?

What inner healing needs to happen before you conceive?


The fact is, every couples' journey is unique. There are a lot of unknowns when having a baby.


We all have worries, fears, and doubts. 

Until you have the right support, knowledge, and plan you are at risk for mental, and emotional problems that will imprint negatively onto your newborn, your partner, and your older children!

Please take responsibility and set yourself up for success!

Don't let this happen to you! 

Suzanna is here to help!



The 4 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Having a Baby is a FREE guide that will give you plenty of ways to start the conversations of building a healthy foundation.

Written by a holistic doula, Suzanna Miller, dedicated to empowering women, and their partners, during the major life transition of early parenting. Suzanna has provided over 100 families with knowledge, compassion, and support. One of Suzanna's greatest passions is early parenting, helping moms and dads gain all the skills, patience, and knowledge, as well as, emotional support needed to make parenting a positive, fulfilling, nurturing experience instead of a fearful, stressful, overwhelming nightmare!         

American families deserve better!

By mothering the couple, helping them reflect on their development, identity shifts, and new aspects of themselves, she is helping new parents transform fears, uncertainties and doubts into empowerment, confidence and happiness!

Suzanna is increasing peace, and joy for mothers, impacting future generations, in hopes of creating a more peaceful world!        

Suzanna is the founder of Positive Postpartum LLC, a holistic preconception, birth and ayurvedic postpartum doula, Sattva Yoga Teacher, and Reiki II Practitioner, who assists in the awakening of the divine wisdom of the feminine. She is virtually helping parents create their unique plan to welcome joy, and understand the wisdom of what it takes to have positive mental, and emotional experiences during preconception, pregnancy, birth, and the first forty days postpartum.

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