"The benefits of having a doula to support a family are everlasting! I hold space for authentic connection and healing. I am certified to respond to the psychosocial needs of postpartum women. Postpartum is a transformational experience that can lead to healing of the soul on many levels when nurtured and supported. Encompassing a doula's presence and support during times of transformation provides your family with a safe container for individuals to feel supported, comfortable, open, nurtured and loved."

- Suzanna Miller, Founder, CPD (DONA)


   Hello! I'm Suzanna Miller PCD(DONA), founder of Positive Postpartum. I  moved to Colorado in 2015. My passion to work with mothers and newborns began when I was only 6 years old with the birth of my younger brother.  My desire to teach, lead, nurture and take care of others became my purpose and life's work at a very young age.


   Helping others with their life journey has always been very important to me along with seeing the beauty in everyone and everything. My nephew's birth in 2016 called upon me to become a postpartum doula. I joined DONA International (Doula of North America International) in 2016 and became a certified Postpartum Doula in 2018. DONA International is the leader in evidence-based doula training, certification, and continuing education.


   I highly value coaching my clients 1-on-1 via home visits and online consultations. I educate and coach on numerous topics about your postpartum journey.  I respect the mother-baby dyad and honor the psychosocial needs of postpartum women helping you integrate childbirth and postpartum into a transformational healing experience of Motherhood. I advocate strongly for women experiencing mental health problems during their childbearing years and teach perinatal mood disorder prevention strategies & management techniques.








   I have been supporting families since 2001. The past 18 years I have worked in many different childcare environments; research lab, clinic, family homes, hospitals, daycares, and schools. I have gained valuable insight and learned the importance of prevention, early intervention, cognitive behavioral therapy, aromatherapy, and conscious parenting throughout my career experiences.


   I advocate for a Positive Postpartum by valuing positivity, optimism and by bringing professionalism to the field of maternal-infant health. I believe each time a baby is born a family reinvents themselves. I value authentic connections and deliver leadership that sees and celebrates the best in people; while noticing areas for improvement and spending time together identifying what needs to change so you can positively improve your life forever.

   Postpartum is a very vulnerable time for a new or seasoned mother and my purpose is to help women and their families through their postpartum journey.  I have built collaborative partnerships with certified birth doulas, childbirth educators, massage therapists, herbalist, aromatherapist, naturopaths, retreat facilitators and many more that focus on supporting mothers and babies.

I believe postpartum doulas are in a pivotal time of growth as leaders in maternal health. I believe strongly in the DONA International vision of “a doula for every person who wants one.” It is highly important that our culture invests into postpartum wellness and care. As we become more aware of realistic postpartum traditions and wellness, we will be healthier and happier families raising healthier and happier generations for the future of humanity. 





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