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June 09, 2020, Positive Postpartum was featured on the Selling Made Easy Podcast Show for Entrepreneurs.

"Suzanna Miller is the founder of Positive Postpartum, specializing in minimizing stress and maximizing joy after childbirth. Suzanna is a postpartum certified doula, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, and private chef. Her business serves mothers and fathers during the first 2 years postpartum, helping mothers heal and families adapt to life with a newborn baby. 


By implementing traditional postpartum practices and by mothering the mother, Suzanna helps restore your mind, body, and spirit after childbirth, dedicated to reducing perinatal mood disorder that 1 in 7 American mothers experience."


Click Here To Listen (28 min)!



June 10, 2020, Voyage Denver interview about my story and what I do as a Positive Postpartum Certified Doula. Click the link: Meet Suzanna Miller of Positive Postpartum in North Denver, Colorado

"The benefits of having a doula to support a family are everlasting! I hold space for authentic connection and healing. I am certified to respond to the psychosocial needs of postpartum women. Postpartum is a transformational experience that can lead to healing of the soul on many levels when nurtured and supported. Encompassing a doula's presence and support during times of transformation provides your family with a safe container for individuals to feel supported, comfortable, open, nurtured and loved."

- Suzanna 

Suzanna Specializes in...


 Providing the family with a safe container for individuals to feel supported, comfortable, open, nurtured, and loved! I specialize in holding space for authentic connection and healing, maximizing joy with a total mind, body, spirit connection during the early parenting journey: yoga, meditation, family wellness, women's health, Ayurvedic meal prep for childbirth healing, Reiki energy work, retreat facilitation, virtual support, and online education.  

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Why do I do what I do? 

 My nephew's birth in 2016 called upon me to become a postpartum doula. Ultimately, I do what I do to serve my community, helping parents and children have a better chance at healthy development, preventing dis-ease. I love helping people grow and evolve. I've come to realize I make the most impact by influencing parents during their early parenting journey, serving parents (in-person or virtually) during the life-changing transformation of becoming parents (becoming new again after each child is born). Helping parents by supporting them and offering education to help parents thrive and create balance as new parents.  






















What is your favorite thing about your career?


  Helping parents tune in to their divine nature, their feminine essence, creating harmony within the family, witnessing the power of love, and the profound transformational experience of birth and postpartum that can lead to healing of the soul on many levels. I love connecting to the innocence and presence of a baby. I honor every opportunity to help parents.



If you could do anything for a day, what would it be?


 Swim with dolphins  

What is your favorite children's book/author?


 Pout-Pout Fish, author Karen Katz, The Giving Tree

Serving Families Nationwide

Suzanna Miller

Tel: 859-948-7870

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