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Calendula officinialis is one of the most common medicinal herbs used by herbalists and natural healers. It’s safe to use internally and externally to treat issues with your skin, infections, and immune system. Calendula oil is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. It works wonders on all skin types, and it’s so gentle that it’s safe to use on babies. It soothes cradle cap, diaper rashes, and other minor skin irritations in childhood. Great for baby massage.

Medicinal properties of calendula:

  • Cellular repair and growth
  • Natural antiseptic and antifungal properties
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Treats rashes and sunburns
  • Works for eczema, acne, and cold sores
  • Heals wounds, stings, burns, and scrapes

If you look at some of the most popular skincare products, you’ll find calendula listed in the ingredients. The reason for this is that calendula is a powerhouse medicinal herb for skin problems.

How's it made:

Calendula oil is an oil that is infused with dried calendula flowers (organic) steeped in a carrier oil, organic olive oil and with lavender oil added for extra calming benefits.


Now that you have a jar or two of finished calendula oil, you have to figure out ways to use it so that it doesn’t go to waste. I have a few suggestions that we regularly use that I think you’ll love.


Calendula oil is great to moisturize your face. You only need a few drops! All you have to do is spread the calendula oil evenly across your skin and gently massage it into your skin.


You can apply this oil to other places besides your face. Use it as a body moisturizer. Massage it on your legs, arms, back, or wherever else your skin feels dry.


One of the best ways to use calendula oil is to apply it to scrapes and cuts that need healing. I don’t suggest using this on major wounds, but calendula is renowned for its skin-healing abilities. Apply a thin layer over the cuts that need to be healed several times per day.


Another way to use calendula oil is to treat sunburns (or any type of burn). It’s soothing and reduces swelling, a common side effect as your body tries to heal the burn.

Apply an even layer over your burn several times per day, and you’ll soon see a dramatic difference!

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