Eliminate Pelvic Discomfort with Traditional Self Care


Discover the magic of Pelvic Steaming! 

Learn how to steam like a Queen!

"Vaginal steam" aka “yoni steam" aka "pelvic steaming” aka “perineal steaming” aka “peristeam” is a traditional self-care practice 

Suzanna Miller is the founder of Positive Postpartum. As a holistic preconception, birth, and ayurvedic postpartum doula, Sattva Yoga Teacher, and Reiki II Practitioner, Suzanna assist others in the awakening of the divine feminine to help families create joy and understand the wisdom of what it takes to have positive mental, and emotional experiences during preconception, pregnancy, birth, and the first forty days postpartum.










One of Suzanna's greatest passions is early parenthood; helping parents gain all the skills, patience, and knowledge, as well as, emotional support needed to make parenting a positive, fulfilling, nurturing experience, from the very beginning!

Suzanna empowers and supports moms and dads by listening, educating, and offering shared wisdom and resources.















Suzanna has have provided over 100 families with knowledge, compassion, and support nationwide, helping to transform fears, uncertainties, and doubts into empowerment, confidence, and truth; increasing peace, happiness, and joy.






Her biggest wish is that you have everything it takes to minimize stress and maximize joy during this incredible time of your life!


Current Programs:


Conscious Conception


Wisdom of Prenatal Bonding and Mindfulness


Childbirth Preparation


Postpartum Recovery and Integration


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