Eliminate Pelvic Discomfort with Traditional Self Care


Discover the magic of Pelvic Steaming! 

Learn how to steam like a Queen!

"Vaginal steam" aka “yoni steam" aka "pelvic steaming” aka “perineal steaming” aka “peristeam” is a traditional self-care practice 

Hi, I'm Suzanna aka Sizzle! I am one who coaches and serves a soul through the birth or rebirth process as a:
  • Conscious Coach

  • Soul Doula

  • Yoga instructor

  • Reiki practitioner


With over 6 years of Postpartum Doula experience, 16+ years as a professional nanny, and a comprehensive background in -

  • Developmental psychology

  • Ayurveda & Yoga

  • Reiki

  • Behavioral health 

  • Research at Yale Child Study Center

I've been an entrepreneur since 2013 and founded Positive Postpartum in 2018. It is my purpose to enliven parents with validation and provide immense value, setting families up to thrive, not just survive. This impacts society at large.
Couples hire me to guide and prepare them for the early weeks at home with their newborns. This is done virtually and in person nationwide. Together, we create deep support systems and work through challenges, creating more ease and clarity during this unique time of transition and growth. I value each opportunity to listen to parents' unique journeys, honor parents in society, raising the next generation of leaders!
You deserve deep support through your transformational parenting journey!


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