4 Essential Needs For Optimal Postpartum Healing

1. Extended Rest: 20-60 Days – Top Priority

Rest is important as well as sleep – take every opportunity for rest that you can. Prop feet up and lie in a horizontal position the majority of the day. Rest, relaxation and REM sleep are essential to provide energy for making breastmilk. Make a room dark in the daytime if necessary with blackout curtains, sleep mask, and if you have someone to care for the baby you can wear earplugs to deepen your sleep. Acknowledge the importance of sleep for good health and know the way that sleep deprivation accumulates. Getting sleep will lessen your chances of postpartum depression and help your body heal from childbirth.

2. Reheat to Body:

heating pad, heated water bottle applied over the womb, low back, upper thighs

3. Nourishment: Eat regularly, Drink more regularly: Have warm or room temperature food prepared for you along with easy to grab snacks and healthy drinks.

o Snacks: Fruits, vegetables, muffins, dried fruits, nuts, granola health bars, multi-grain crackers, and cheese

o Soups

o Rice puddings

o Pita bread/wrap with fillers o Dips: guacamole, hummus etc. o Yogurt/fruit/granola parfaits o Fruit/vegetable juices and smoothies

o Herbal Teas safe for breastfeeding o Egg salad/tuna/chicken salad etc. o Pasta/rice/bean/vegetable salad o Water available at all times. Make sure it's filtered and not from the tap. o Bone Broth helps restore body energy and blood

4. Body Work: massage, reiki, physical therapy, acupuncture, float tank, chiropractor

As a postpartum doula, I specialize in making sure the mother has these 4 essential needs. I offer In-home support for days and nights, Meals for Mommy, Reiki Treatments, Yoga + Meditation, and Positive Parenting coaching to maximize joy and minimize stress. I help the mother recover, rest, stay nourished, keep warm, sleep and care for her baby, home and family. we build upon these 4 essential needs depending on her unique childbirth and postpartum journey.

Book with Suzanna, Positive Postpartum certified Doula now for 2020 by emailing suzannamiller@positivepostpartum.org

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