A Day in the Life of a Mother's 40-Day Ceremony by Positive Postpartum in Denver, CO

There is an ancient Ayruvedic tradition that the first 40 days of motherhood impact the next 40 years of a woman's well-being.

What's so special about the first 40 Days?

This is because motherhood is an enrichment program for the brain, and your hormones play a big part in imprinting you for fear, stress, overwhelm or love, joy and peace...Your baby's brain is forever impacted and imprinted as well.

If you are supported, nurtured, and nourished you will create high oxytocin and dopamine levels, repeatedly, and experience a great reset to your nervous and mental health, allowing more positive, everlasting impacts to your brain.

This is why the first 40 days postpartum are critical!

By bringing back sacred traditions that acknowledge the power of childbirth, early motherhood, and the womb I see how it creates peace in a woman's heart, and that's exactly what we yearn for. Each home visit is treated as a sacred gathering of honoring motherhood. I feed the mother, honor her and listen to her journey, help with babycare and the home. We make time for sacred womb pampering caring for the mind, body, and spirit; nourishment, warmth, companionship, bodywork, Reiki, sitz baths, yoni steams, herbal teas and plenty of discussions about parenthood, breastfeeding, infant development, family transitions, and the divine feminine and masculine energies that we are awakening to.

On the mother's 40th day we honor and celebrate her! The special props, candles, bouquet of flowers, warm meals, beverages, and special gifts are brought to pamper her.

My wonderful photographer, Elizabeth Olgtree, assists me and together we gently guide the mother and baby into a special morning of pampering with breakfast, a ceremonial milk bath photoshoot, a spiritual Reiki healing session, and Goddess sisterhood. Recognizing the inherent spiritual passage that birth is for the mother, the child and the partner will help women evolve as Mothers. Sacred practices around womb help give deeper meaning to self-care and awaken the feminine soul. I am booking now for the spring and summer 2021. If this sacred service calls to you than please schedule a time to connect. Let's chat!

In most cultures, pregnancy, birth and the transition of becoming a Mother are seen as tremendously important turning points in a woman's life. In western culture, this has been diminished into cultural influences hospital birthing routines, childbirth education classes, and the baby shower. These cultural rituals focus on "having the baby" part of pregnancy rather than on the woman and the passage she is about to make through childbirth and into motherhood.

As a postpartum doula, I have witnessed how our cultural influences affect women, especially after childbirth. We have forgotten how to truly honor the motherline; personal, ancestral, and cosmic. Everything is birthed from the mother's womb. If the mother's perception of reality is filled with coldness, disconnection, despair, and separation it will be reflected in our world.

It is time we take our power back and re-remember our true connection to source, union, and how to create joy in life, especially during challenges, so we will influence our children to do the same.

Video: 40 Day #Postpartum Ceremony | Honoring a New #Mother & Baby

In Peace, Love and Harmony,


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