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Experiencing the birth of your firstborn child is a total mind, body, and spiritual awakening. Many intense emotions come along with being a new parent. We need to offer new parents more compassionate care in early postpartum. Utilizing postpartum support services will help you better understand what is happening while increasing your health. Positive Postpartum maximizes joy in early parenting increasing your peace, confidence, and happiness. Here's what my clients are saying:

“An incredible doula! So helpful, supportive, and prepared in every capacity! She came prepared to listen and care for our family’s emotional needs as well as physical. She sat, talked, and listened for hours as needed! She taught us our baby’s cues and awake states. She empowered us to learn and believe in ourselves as parents. She was gentle and sensitive in her loving approach. "
- Mother, AC

"Suzanna was very informative and provided great examples with her hands-on approach. The most valuable part of her support was her advice and encouragement. She was passionate about our family and we are fortunate she came into our lives.”
- Father, NC

I help bring families relief and healing. Answers to questions and concerns. Provide education, reassurance, guidance, and companionship, helping to navigate the unknowns. I introduce infant massage and offer tools for parenting. We discuss the joys, sorrows, sleep, development, nutrition, and all the highs and lows of early parenting. The memories and authentic connection last forever! My services are life-changing. See more here about the Value of a Postpartum Doula

The Healthy Mama Intensive

A 6-week program with weekly circle + education for postpartum wellness for new and expecting mamas! You will participate in a strong support system and receive resources. This expansion of services is to expand and reach more families across America because American families deserve better! Truly an invaluable program to help decrease stress and increase happiness, health, and empowerment as a new mother!

We begin next week, only have a few spots left! Register today at

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1) Becoming a Mother: 

Explore your transition to motherhood, reflecting on your development, and helping you with the identity shifts and aspects of yourself.​ Let's honor this rite of passage.

2) Postpartum Mind: Heightened Sensitivities

Reflecting on the highs and lows of mothering a newborn: hormones, emotions, intrusive thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears, insomnia, paranoia, the list goes on and on. Explore baby brain with a new understanding. Reflect with one another and receive mindset & meditation tools for balance. 

3) A Mother's Intuition

Motherhood is a feminine way of knowing and learning from within. Open to trust and reflect on your experience, accepting the unknown, building confidence from within yourself, and be empowered.

4) The Postpartum Body

Birth story reflection and tools for recovery, breast care, pelvic floor, nutrition, bodywork, stretching, Yoga, and body image discussions for healing and nurturing your beautiful body.  

5) Caring for Baby

All about the baby(ies). Reflect and share how everything is going. Asking questions about feeding, sleeping, tools for bonding with baby's emerging personality. Teaching and sharing on developmental milestones in the first year.

6) Spiritual Partnership

All about your transformation as a new mother and the vibration you hold for yourself and your child. Building a spiritual partnership with your child, being present and opening to higher states of consciousness to connect deeply and learn from one another.


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