Happy Birthday to Suzanna! Help Positive Postpartum LLC Thrive!!

Today, 3/23/2020 is my birthday! A very special day for Suzanna Miller, owner, and founder of Positive Postpartum LLC!

When I was a little girl my father would take me to the balloon shop on my birthday to pick out a dozen balloons and blow them up, filling the car and home with birthday cheer that lasted for quite a few days! And today as we navigate a worldwide pandemic I am experiencing my first ever birthday quarantine! I am reflecting on all the amazing clients I have served over the past couple of years and I need your help. Recently I realized I have been totally slacking updating my website with client testimonials. I am making a birthday wish that you can help my small business thrive during these challenging times!

Here's how you can Help Positive Postpartum LLC Thrive:

Leave a review, refer my services, and if you need extra support -->sign up for online postpartum doula support!

Leave Positive Postpartum a Review: Write a Testimony!

I know family life leaves precious little free time so I deeply appreciate your willingness to take a few minutes to share your thoughts. I want to make it easy for clients to leave a review / write a testimony about my services. Below are some tips on how to write a “make-you-tear-up-this-is-why-I-love-positive postpartum-” testimonial.

Would you be willing to answer these quick questions about your experience with my services?

- What, specifically, was the most helpful part of postpartum doula support and why?

- If a best friend was considering a postpartum doula, what would you tell them? Is there anything specific you recommend about me?

- Why did you choose me as your doula? Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made me stand out in some way?

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Google: scroll to the bottom of the screen and press add review: Google My Business review link

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Refer Positive Postpartum to a friend or family member - Word of mouth is truly the best way to reach new families! If a best friend was considering a postpartum doula, what would you tell them? Would you refer them to Positive Postpartum?

Virtual Support

If you are feeling like you need extra support right now and are in any of the following stages of parenthood than please reach out! Online services available for preconception, pregnancy (third trimester) and postpartum -> Serving clients worldwide!

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Thank you!

In Wellness,

Suzanna Miller CPD(DONA)

Email: suzannamiller@positivepostpartum.org

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