Birthday Wish From Suzanna @PositivePostpartums

♥ Pictured above is my mother and me on my 1st birthday!




When I was a little girl my parents would take me to the balloon shop to pick out birthday balloons, filling our car and home with birthday cheer that lasted for days! My parents loved throwing birthday parties and I'm so grateful for all the memories they captured for us to cherish.

My birthday wish is for YOU to help my small business thrive! Here are some ways on how to do that!

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As I reflect upon what is, what has been and what will be, I am filling my heart with love, grace, and gratitude in life. I am truly changing the world by loving my own and the families I forever impact.

My services are helping us re-remember, embrace, and retrieve the sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine energies it takes to thrive in early parenting. By connecting to our essential nature and helping you reclaim power and sovereignty, we are living in joy, connected to our heart space, and bringing together the divine masculine and feminine to heal the world.

Together, we are positively affecting the children from the VERY beginning making ripples into the collective of all humanity so that our children will inherit a better world, affecting future

generations of humanity to live more peacefully on Mother Earth.

Thank you!

Love, Peace and Harmony,

Suzanna Miller

Holistic Pre/Postnatal Doula, Ayurvedic Chef, Reiki II, Yogini, Educator

Minimize Stress, Maximize Joy

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