Massage Therapist Collaborates with Doula for In-home Massage Service for Moms

Suzanna Miller, founder of Positive Postpartum is excited to announce her partnership with, Nina Maria Bond, a licensed massage therapist and owner of Breath Peace Massage. Suzanna and Nina instantly connected at a private event in downtown Denver in April 2019. The event highlighted holistic wellness experiences and offered nurturing services in each suite of the historic landmark of the Patterson Inn. Suzanna was helping to setup the event and met Nina with her massage chair in one of the suites. They decided to collaborate their local doula and massage businesses to offer Massage for Moms as one of the Spa Day services with Positive Postpartum. Their missions are aligned with one another and together they have teamed up to pamper mothers in their own homes - making sure baby and mom are both well cared for.

Nina graduated from Denver Integrative Massage School in 2015, where she trained in both western and eastern modalities. Her foundation of knowledge includes Swedish, soft tissue, myofascial therapy, trigger point therapy, prenatal and traditional Thai Yoga Massage. With her trauma

informed approach and the ability to integrate a blend of therapeutic techniques, she is able to nourish one’s journey in the healing process.

Her passion for treating people with full value started in early childhood. Nina Maria has the ability to meet her clients where they are without expectation or judgment. As a mother herself, she understands the hardship and joy that comes with creating a new life and parenting. Nina Maria believes massage and bodywork vital to one’s ability to be their best self in their human experience. Nina offers in home massage sessions with Positive Postpartum and massage sessions in her studio on 240 S Broadway Unit 102 3/4, Denver. She is offering a special rates for mothers and birth workers. Make sure to mention this article for special rates!

Nina Maria, Founder of Breathe Peace Massage

Suzanna is a postpartum professional, serving the role as a postpartum doula and more. She offers help in the home or virtual support with breast feeding, newborn care, mother care, and much more. She is under mentorship to be a Postpartum Ayudoula (an ayurvedic doula) and is training to be a Yoga Teacher and Reiki practitioner. Suzanna understands holistic, simple and natural principles involved in restoring strength, vitality and balance in maternal and infant physiology after childbirth including Mother and Infant massage treatments, cooking for postpartum mothers, empowerment consultations, and safe herbal and essential oil uses to enhance comfort and rejuvenation. She founded Positive Postpartum in 2018 to improve and increase parents' joy, instincts, and wellness as they grow in parenthood. Within a positive community and a tribe of birth workers, she collaborates with holistic practitioners to make the postpartum experience a positive and empowering journey.

Suzanna, founder of Positive Postpartum, giving an infant massage

Positive Postpartum's Spa Day treatments is a 3-hr visit in the clients home and consists of 1-hr massage, reflection, processing and companionship with herbal tea, sensual snacks, baby care, baby massage instruction, a warm bath or vaginal steam and gifts to pamper yourself and baby. Restorative yoga, guided mediation and Reiki sessions are being offered too per request!

Contact Positive Postpartum today to schedule your sensual Spa Day experience with Suzanna & Nina.

In conclusion, I would like to point out what we may already know and understand about the healing benefits of bodywork and touch but have we considered the psychological effects of massage for postpartum women?

The Journal of Midwifery Women's Health in March 2006 examined the psychological effects of aromatherapy massage in healthy postpartum mothers and reported positive findings. Thirty-six healthy, first-time mothers with vaginal delivery of full-term, healthy infants participated in the study. Sixteen mothers received a 30 minute aromatherapy-massage on the second postpartum day and 20 mothers were in the control group. All mothers completed four standardized questionnaires before and after the intervention: 1) Maternity Blues Scale, 2) State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, 3) Profile of Mood States, 4) Feeling toward Baby Scale. The results suggest that aromatherapy-massage might be an effective intervention for postpartum mothers to improve physical and mental status and to facilitate mother-infant interaction. See the full article here:

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