Meditation While Waiting for Baby

Get your partner or a good friend who will be at your birth to do this Venus Kriya with you:

* Sit facing each other, knees touching, and look into each other’s eyes

* Put your palms together, fingers up with your partner’s.

* As you push each other’s Pam’s back and forth, alternate hands like paddling a boat. Sing as you rock from side to side: “Row row row your boat Gently down the stream, Merrily merrily merrily merrily, Life is but a dream”

* Listen to the words as you sing them—they’re reminding you to go with the flow

* Do this for three to five minutes.

Have fun and laugh! Remember, your baby is hearing the words, too.

Labor is like the weather: unpredictable. Due dates are imaginary numbers not created by God. It’s something that we get caught on but your body will do labor when it’s ready. Our babies are born at certain times and certain place otherwise there would be no order to the universe.

💫 Tibetans believe that regardless of the due date, a baby won’t come forward into the world until the star under which it is destined to be born in shining. 🌟

When we get hung up on the due dates we set ourselves up for disappointment as well as feeling a failure or “is there something wrong?” I encourage you to talk to your child. Whenever you want to be with your baby, roll your eyes up to your Third Eye point, which corresponds to your pituitary gland, called the master gland because it regulates hormones. This is your direct line to the womb. If you get quiet enough, you will know what your baby is thinking and feeling.

Slow down, space out, sleep, walk, get into your baby’s realm of frequency.

🌟Explore this sweet and simple meditation while waiting for your baby. Sending much love to all the pregnant mamas!

credit: yogini Gurmukh

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