Nourishment for New Moms

From an Ayurvedic perspective, good fats are grounding, juicy, and nourishing for new moms. Good fats are sattvic, meaning they promote harmony and balance in the mind, and they help new moms to relax and sleep more deeply.

Ghee’s balance of elements (earth, air, water, space, fire) is very similar to Ojas, the juiciness or sap of life that gives us strength and immunity.

Ghee is sweet, cooling and increases digestive fire. It is strengthening, satisfying, and soothing. It aids digestion and is cleansing and healing.

Ghee is excellent for nourishing and rehydrating your body and helps you make breast milk. It also helps prevent that strung out, wired feeling, and increases oxytocin.

I recommend ghee from happy cows such as the Ancient Organics brand of Ghee. Eat Good Fats.

Thanks to Julia Jones and the Newborn Mother’s Collective Postpartum Professional Certification for teaching me about Ayurvedic postpartum cooking! Check out my Meals for Mommy on my website:

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