Practical Tips for Maintaining Balance

Shower your baby with the gift of a healthy parent!

Maintaining balance in a time of transformation is hard! That is why I do what I do! I work with families during one of the most exciting and stressful times in their lives. As a postpartum doula, I am warm, nurturing and confident and parents LOVE having me around. I am a supportive advisor and helper, professionally trained to provide postpartum support to your family. My goal is to help facilitate a smooth transition to parenthood by supplying reliable and factual information, reassurance and hands-on support! Below you will find a list of tips that will give you a good start. Try just one of these today and see how it makes a difference in your day! And please, don't hesitate to contact me at to learn more about my Positive Postpartum Service Packages including my online Positive Parent Coaching serving families nationwide!

★ Enjoy today, and accept that having a child changes things

★ Set realistic goals

★ Put people before things

★ Don't be afraid to say "no"

★ Turn "unpleasant" parental duties into enjoyable ones

★ Practice LONG DEEP breathing and always go back to your breath during times of stress

★ Be creative in finding ways to spend time with your partner

★ Take time for yourself- What sparks joy?

★ Use a "mother's helper" ★ Eat healthy foods ★ Exercise regularly

★ Take naps

★ Take care of yourself

★ Avoid over-scheduling

★ Look for ways to make routine tasks easier

★ Get out of the house ★ Follow your heart and listen to your baby

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 "I cannot encapsulate a better experience than having Suzanna as our doula...She was not only incredible support during postpartum but we also consider her a friend. She provided us incredible support with such a calm, empowering demeanor. She is also such an incredible resource and wealth of knowledge. We couldn't have made it the last three months without her, and every time she was away, we missed her (and still do)! If you are looking for postpartum support or a night nurse, Suzanna truly is a great person to have and we are so grateful to have experienced sharing post birth with her." -NW 2020


"Suzanna helped me through the beginning of a new phase of motherhood as a stay-at-home mommy of two. She coached me, helped me create and track goals to keep my brain focused, and provided an outlet for much-needed adult interaction in those first few months while everything was overwhelming and new. She was patient and kind, she listened to my opinions and concerns, and made sure that my mental health was a priority when I didn’t have the brain space to spend on it.

Suzanna is incredibly knowledgeable about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and childcare; which was so helpful when I was exhausted, struggling with the changes my body had just gone through and had two little ones to look after on top of it all. It was life-giving having someone to care specifically for me and my mental health in this transitional time. It helped me become the best mom I could be." -2018


“We cannot even begin to express our sincere gratitude for Suzanna and her expertise. As first time parents (and first time mom of a now almost 7 month old!), my husband and I were unfamiliar with the role of postpartum doulas. She introduced us to incredible care centered on the recovering mom and needs of the brand new infant. Our daughter arrived a bit early, and was less than 5 lbs when we brought her home; she required a “triple feeding schedule” that resulted in almost 90 minutes of various forms of feeding followed by 30 minutes of rest...and repeat!  Needless to say, and despite so much love and support from our families, we were exhausted. Suzanna was truly a light in the haze of sleeplessness and new-parent uncertainty. Her unassuming and warm presence, calming words, as well as evidence-based, postpartum/breastfeeding knowledge were unparalleled. She skillfully guided us all through the early weeks of parenthood (and with COVID looming). We recommend her services to all!” -2020