Reduce Stress and Increase Relaxation, Benefits of Reiki for Mothers and Babies

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic healing therapy that has been taught in Japan since the early 1920s. It can be explained in three ways; as a word, as an energy, and as a holistic healing system. Reiki is a Japanese word that translates to "universal life force energy." Reiki as energy is "spiritual energy" and you may have heard other versions from other languages such as "Chi" or "Qi" in Chinese or "Prana" from India, where it is a central concept in Yoga and Ayurveda. Reiki operates at a high, fast vibration that is present in the physical body and the aura, so it moves through all parts of the human energy field to break through energetic blockages and promote healing. The sources of the high spiritual energy can be described in various ways, depending upon what you are happy to accept- GOD, the Source, the All-That-Is, the Universe, or you can think of it as apart of your Soul or Spirit or Higher Self that you can access to help you. Reiki is a holistic healing system because it affects the whole person- body, mind, and spirit. Anyone can benefit from all stages of life and may bring help and comfort to those suffering from a range of conditions. Reiki will support and enhance other forms of treatment including conventional medical treatments as well as alternative therapies. The most common way of experiencing Reiki for most people is receiving treatment from a practitioner, where the client is fully clothed and lies on a massage table or sits on a chair and relaxes. The practitioner gently places their hands nonintrusive on or near the body in a sequence of positions from head to toes. There is no pressure, massage, or manipulation. Reiki encourages deep relaxation and a sense of well-being and assists the physical body's own healing ability to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual support - for mother, babies, and families

Reiki works well in helping with all stages of pregnancy including preconception, childbirth. Reiki provides emotional as well as physical support and works not only on the mother but also on the unborn child. 

Reiki always works to reduce stress and improve health regardless of the condition. People experience warmth or tingling wherever the practitioner's hands are placed although some don't feel any sensation simply feeling pleasantly calm, relaxed and having a sense of peace and radiance afterward. This happened recently with one of the client's experiences:

The mama had a toddler who was crying, trying to lay down for a nap, so she could receive treatment. After she tried to calm him down we went with it and started the treatment with a stressed toddler in the room above us. As I started giving her Reiki the toddler calmed down and even peeked in on what we were doing, silently and being respectful (thank goodness). After a 60 minute session, she was glowing, radiating and stress-free. She even told me her husband noticed a positive shift in her energy the morning after. They were all feeling the effects of just one Reiki session with me.

There is evidence that the use of Reiki before, during, and after pregnancy has positive results both for the mother and baby. The Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut conducted tests in a clinical setting during pregnancy involving the use of just the simplest form of Reiki.  These studies showed that reiki: Reduced stress and anxiety during pregnancy by 94% Reduced pain by 78%Nausea and morning sickness reduced by 80%Quality of sleep was improved by 86%

16 benefits of Reiki during pregnancy and postpartum:

1) Reiki provides emotional as well as physical support.

2) Reiki creates a balanced, loving, and harmonious relationship between the mother and her child.

3) Reiki practiced in the early days of the pregnancy helps reduce exhaustion and nausea in pregnant women.

4) It can bring relief to every part of the stretched and aching body of the woman.

5) It also reduces anxiety, sleep problems, colic, and enhances motor activity and active sleep.

6) Reiki is done to restore balance and health to the mother.

7) Reiki used during the labor stage has been shown to help control and lessen pain.

8) Reiki may make delivery easier.

9) Mothers who have had previous c-sections and receive Reiki in later pregnancies can expect a lesser need for cesarean surgeries the second time.

10) Mothers who use Reiki during and after pregnancy can better adjust to their babies and vice versa.

11) After the baby is born, it can be a stressful time for the baby. When Reiki is used it makes an easier transition for the baby.

12) Reiki also helps to release the fears. Example> It soothes a woman who can feel invaded and impatient to give birth

13) Reiki has the power to make a baby wriggle with pleasure in the womb and also has a calming effect on both the mother and the child.

14) Reiki provides a unique opportunity for the father-to-be, as he can bond with his baby when it is in the mother’s womb.

15) It also helps in building a strong and spiritual relationship between the mother and the baby, before this tiny new being enters the world.

16) Reiki can be used to help improve the whole family’s experience.

17) Reiki eases every stage of pregnancy and postpartum, physically and emotionally, making the journey into motherhood more joyous and memorable.

This is an excerpt from a main article 16 Reasons why reiki could be the best thing for your pregnancy with added details from Suzanna

Benefits of Reiki during postpartum:

Jane Thompson is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and specializes in working with moms and moms-to-be writes:

"For new mothers, a Reiki treatment offers a safe and supportive space for them to re-orientate to themselves and their bodies after the birth of their baby.  The comforting, gentle energy of Reiki helps stimulate and accelerate the body’s own natural healing processes, bringing it back into balance and alignment. As the nature of Reiki is deeply relaxing and calming, it can help to reduce stress and promote sleep.
Reiki can also be used to ease postpartum depression and anxiety.  It also promotes physical and emotional healing from a lengthy or traumatic birth.   Reiki is also helpful for mothers that have been working through breastfeeding difficulties. It helps ease the stress in both mother and child which promotes many beneficial effects like better milk production and confidence in your ability to nurture your baby and yourself.  Reiki can be so relaxing that new moms often drift off to sleep during the session.  Baby is welcome to come along for the session too!"

Benefits of Reiki for Baby:

Research shows that massaging and applying Reik techniques to newborns helps them grow and sleep better creating happier healthier babies. A wide range of benefits can be realized:

  • Promotes relaxation

  • Helps to relieve pain and fussiness

  • Sleep better

  • Helps soothe and comfort

  • Aids in teething and illnesses

  • Helps growing pains

In May 2019, I was initiated into Second Degree Reiki of the Usui Reiki Sytems of Natural Healing with special attention to sacred womb healing hosted by the Mermaid Temple of the Womb in Nederland, Colorado. I learned the traditional way of a massage table treatment as well as a technique of giving treatments in saltwater about 4-5 feet deep while the client is floating in a swimsuit. I am honored to be attuned to Reiki as a Practitioner to offer treatments to myself and others, especially pregnant and postpartum women, and babies.

What called me to this path of service was the encouragement and guidance from fellow sisters that practice and teach Reiki along with the personal healing and spiritual development Reiki offers. I have learned how to weave the traditional system of Reiki to bring special attention to the divine feminine. I can give Reiki treatments to anyone, anywhere, at any time with the same effect as if the person were right by me having an in-person treatment. Specializing in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum allowed me to expand my Positive Postpartum services to include this holistic healing therapy.

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 "I cannot encapsulate a better experience than having Suzanna as our doula...She was not only incredible support during postpartum but we also consider her a friend. She provided us incredible support with such a calm, empowering demeanor. She is also such an incredible resource and wealth of knowledge. We couldn't have made it the last three months without her, and every time she was away, we missed her (and still do)! If you are looking for postpartum support or a night nurse, Suzanna truly is a great person to have and we are so grateful to have experienced sharing post birth with her." -NW 2020


"Suzanna helped me through the beginning of a new phase of motherhood as a stay-at-home mommy of two. She coached me, helped me create and track goals to keep my brain focused, and provided an outlet for much-needed adult interaction in those first few months while everything was overwhelming and new. She was patient and kind, she listened to my opinions and concerns, and made sure that my mental health was a priority when I didn’t have the brain space to spend on it.

Suzanna is incredibly knowledgeable about pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and childcare; which was so helpful when I was exhausted, struggling with the changes my body had just gone through and had two little ones to look after on top of it all. It was life-giving having someone to care specifically for me and my mental health in this transitional time. It helped me become the best mom I could be." -2018


“We cannot even begin to express our sincere gratitude for Suzanna and her expertise. As first time parents (and first time mom of a now almost 7 month old!), my husband and I were unfamiliar with the role of postpartum doulas. She introduced us to incredible care centered on the recovering mom and needs of the brand new infant. Our daughter arrived a bit early, and was less than 5 lbs when we brought her home; she required a “triple feeding schedule” that resulted in almost 90 minutes of various forms of feeding followed by 30 minutes of rest...and repeat!  Needless to say, and despite so much love and support from our families, we were exhausted. Suzanna was truly a light in the haze of sleeplessness and new-parent uncertainty. Her unassuming and warm presence, calming words, as well as evidence-based, postpartum/breastfeeding knowledge were unparalleled. She skillfully guided us all through the early weeks of parenthood (and with COVID looming). We recommend her services to all!” -2020