Signs of Thriving Baby: Two to Six Weeks

Here are some signs of a thriving baby at 2-6 weeks. Your baby:

- Begins gaining weight after your milk comes in

- Passes birth weight by at least ten to fourteen days

- Is gaining weight appropriately. The average rate is roughly 1 ounce (about 30g) per day during the early months, but remember that's only an average and your baby may gain more or less than that. Your doctor or midwife will monitor the baby's weight gain during regular visits.

- Has at least three yellow poops (about the size of the circle your thumb and forefinger make- an "okay" sign for an "okay" diaper) and five colorless, odorless, and heavy wet diapers each day.

- Doesn't have trouble latching on, and doesn't have trouble staying latched.

- The baby generally has eyes open and looks interested in the first part of the nursing.

- Has slow, steady sucks for part of ever nursing, beginning soon after the feeding starts.

- Baby Is content for at least a few minutes after nursing.

- Can almost always be consoled by nursing again.

- Sometimes has calm, alert times between feedings.

- Is visibility filling out, with plumper thighs, fuller cheeks, and deepening creases on baby's wrists. Skin looks smooth, not loose or baggy.

- Baby is growing in length and head circumference.

If any of these signs aren't happening for your baby, check with your local midwife, doctor or La Leche League Leader at:

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