The Healthy Mama Intensive: Education + Support Circle for New and Expecting Mamas May 4-June 15

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Introducing the Healthy Mama Intensive

May 4-June 15, 2020 hosted by Suzanna Miller, Positive Postpartum Certified Doula.

Namaste beautiful parents! As a yogini, reiki practitioner, postpartum doula, and the founder of Positive Postpartum LLC (2018) I am committed to serving the family's in the 21st century in a way that brings back lost traditions, ancient teachings of the divine feminine and supports motherhood in a deeply transforming way.

I am honored to announce my newest offering, the Healthy Mama Intensive. A program designed to create a helpful, nurturing community for new and expecting mamas discussing deep topics of postpartum transformation and supporting each mothers' journey. We will meet once a week, for 6 weeks starting May 4. May the fourth be with you to be a healthy and empowered Mama!

Today many new moms feel isolated, dazed, even defensive, not because they're doing something wrong, but because often, many of society's institutions fail to meet the needs of a postpartum woman. The lack of a support system and lack of guidance on how to manage or prevent perinatal mood issues is a real problem. Sadly, accessing and accepting a support system has been long erased from our maternal consciousness. I am being called to change that - in a virtual setting - offering intensive education and support.

"Overtly and covertly, consciously and subconsciously, generations of women have been instructed that they would know how to mother because mother-wit, and the maternal instinct is a sacred calling and a birth rite. While mothers should be encouraged to trust their instincts the missing piece of the message is that much of this mothering behavior is learned, no instinctive; and without the educational and emotional support of teachers and nurturers, it is much more difficult and stressful to master" -Mothering the New Mother

The program is for new (first year postpartum) and expecting (second-third trimester) mamas that are ready to heal and transform themselves coming out more connected to your true power of the divine Mother. A true mind, body, spirit intensive to bring forth conscious Mama leaders of the world's next-generation, benefiting the women and the children of the world! As a postpartum doula serving family's planning, expecting and who just had a baby, that is truly why I do what I do...For the kids!! The world is a scary place, as we all know, and it's even scarier when you have a mother who is disconnected and out of reach; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

My deepest mission in my service to families at this time is to offer children a better chance at a healthy upbringing (mind, body, and spirit), heal generational traumas of parents, and to reawaken the divine feminine wisdom that has been lost or forgotten for centuries. I believe I will make a huge impact by hosting an online mothers' circle and offering essential education for postpartum wellness.

"A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen. Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom. These affirming community gatherings help women get in touch with their feminine strength and turn up their positive vibration. With politics dividing us further every day, women need community more than ever." - A Yogini's Guide to Women Circles

The Healthy Mama Intensive Details


1) Becoming a Mother: 

Explore your transition to motherhood, honoring the rite of passage, reflecting on your development, and helping you with the identity shifts and aspects of yourself.​

2) Postpartum Mind: Heightened Sensitivities

Reflecting on the highs and lows of mothering a newborn: hormones, emotions, intrusive thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears, insomnia, paranoia, the list goes on and on. Explore baby brain with a new understanding. Reflect with one another and receive mindset & meditation tools for balance. 

3) A Mother's Intuition

Motherhood is a feminine way of knowing and learning from within. Open to trust and reflect on your experience, accepting the unknown, building confidence from within yourself, and be empowered.

4) The Postpartum Body

Birth story reflection and tools for recovery, breast care, pelvic floor, nutrition, bodywork, stretching, Yoga, and body image discussions for healing and nurturing your beautiful body.  

5) Caring for Baby

All about the baby(ies). Reflect and share how everything is going. Asking questions about feeding, sleeping, tools for bonding with baby's emerging personality. Teaching and sharing on developmental milestones in the first year.

6) Spiritual Partnership

All about your spiritual journey, vibration, and transformation as a new mother. Building a spiritual partnership with your child, being present and opening to higher states of consciousness to connect deeply and learn from one another.

How it works:

- Registration is open to 7 lovely Mamas. Postpartum moms during the first year and pregnant mamas in the third trimester are welcomed to join.

- From May 4, 2020, through June 15, 2020, receive 6 weekly educational videos sent to your email and participate in 6 weekly group calls.

- Receive a Mother's Day gift package in the mail after registering.

- Download Zoom for the support group calls.

- In order to build community, it is required that you participate in the whole program, no individual weekly drop-ins are being offered at this time. 

- Participate in the weekly support group to reflect, discuss and ask questions, share your story and listen to others.

- We will decide on the best times to meet after registration.

- The support circles are a safe place for you to show up as you are, with or without your kiddos. We can mute/ unmute as necessary.

- Registration ends May 2, 2020. Limited to 7 spots!


- Receive invaluable support + education to restore/prevent postpartum destress and reawaken your feminine essence as a mama!

- Have your questions answered immediately.

- Get in touch with your joy and love of life with your new family.

- Be a healthy and empowered mama!

- Receive a Mother's Day gift package to nurture your journey.

- Reawaken your hidden powers that have been lost or forgotten.

- Heal traumas now so you don't pass them on to your children.  

- Assess your own needs and gain tools for meeting them.

- Be apart of a strong, supportive network during your postpartum adjustment. 

- Connect with your divine feminine essence and build your tribe! 

Learn more about the Healthy Mama Intensive

Join the Healthy Mama Intensive by clicking: Register Today.

Email questions to:

Check out my blog here for 1 on 1 online Positive Parent coaching.

Thank you! I look forward to connecting and serving more mamas, parents, and children. Namaste.

In Wellness,

Suzanna Miller

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