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Postpartum doula service and social distancing during a worldwide pandemic have been inspiring me to become more innovative and creative in how I serve families in 2020. Showing up as a compassionate helper in society is what I do. I work with families to support their wellness; minimizing stress and maximize joy. Join me in a virtual setting and let's talk about your journey. Learn more about Positive Postpartum virtual doula support services below.

My business launched in 2018 and I've been building it online ever since. Now, in 2020, in-home support is becoming more limited due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus which has been unfortunate for doulas and their clients around the globe. After pondering this for the past couple of weeks I now want to seize this opportunity to build virtual doula support bigger and bigger than I've done so in the past.

I have gained valuable experiences serving families with 20 years of experience. With a joyful and powerful heart, I help you transform your life, making changes and shifts to bring more peace and balance. All services are done via telecommunication and supported by e-mail follow-ups. Let's connect!

I support parents during the early stages of parenting:





Conscious Conception

I help people conceive babies! Well, I give them resourceful tools for mind, body and spirit connection! These services are designed to prep your "garden" with health and vitality by educating, honoring and serving you and your partner during this very important stage of parenthood. They will allow you to consciously think about what you wish to carry forward into your family life and what you desire to cultivate within your relationship. You will learn how to optimize your mental, emotional and physical health before you conceive by being conscious about the health and wellness of your mind and body! This will open the passageway to bring forth new life. It is a rite of passage into the sacred realm of parenthood.


Third Trimester - Becoming Parents

​Let's reflect on your pregnancy and preconception journey and get ready for your child's birth and postpartum journey! Baby comes and everything changes. There's more to do and less time to do it. The easiest time to begin sorting out what needs to be done and who's going to do it is before your baby comes. Introducing me, your virtual postpartum doula. I will help you plan and be your guide during your third trimester. Let's get Let's begin a constructive dialogue for you (and your partner) to discuss:

  • Childcare, Household, & Financial Responsibilities

  • The Transformation from Partnership to Parenthood

  • His/Her Postpartum Expectations

  • Meeting Needs

  • Parenting Philosophy

  • and more!


Positive Parenting

Postpartum is "after childbirth" and is a universal human experience that we share after childbirth. It can be an interruption of life or it can be lived through in beauty and dignity as new life emerges. Need a calm professional doula capable of listening and offering supportive guidance?

I am here for you! Please let me know whatever I can do to help and support you. I am dedicated to supporting my community during this pandemic! Support my small business and share this information with someone who can benefit. Have questions? Contact me today!


In Wellness,

Suzanna Miller CPD(DONA)


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