Becoming Parents: 

Planning for After Childbirth

Image by Tai's Captures

Congratulations on your pregnancy and growing family!

After your baby(ies) comes, everything changes. There's a lot to do and less time to do it. The easiest time to begin sorting out what needs to be done and who's going to do it is before your baby(ies) arrives.


This guide is all about postpartum planning, getting ready for baby! This will help you begin a constructive dialogue for you (and your partner) to discuss:


  • Childcare, Household, & Financial Responsibilities

  • The Transformation from Partnership to Parenthood 

  • His/Her Postpartum Expectations

  • Meeting your Needs

  • Issues of Parenting

  • What do YOU want

  • Integrate pregnancy and prepare for body, mind, and spirit for birth 

  • Baby gear list

Image by Nicole Honeywill