Reiki Energy Treatment

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing that involves light touch and full body attainment of life force energy. This energy, when blocked or diminished, can cause imbalances or disease in the body, including mood disorders keeping a woman from becoming her vibrant self. Reiki will help restore a person's energy and repair broken and depleted energies. 

Reiki Treatment

Integration with an herbal tea 

Location: In-home or Berkeley, Denver

Aquatic Womb Reiki Intensive at The Mermaid Temple

Simply relax and float in a warm, saltwater pool as you receive a hands-on Reiki Session with sacred womb healing techniques, aromatherapy, and sound healing. Pre or Postnatal.

90 Minute Session. Location: Mermaid Temple of the Womb, near Nederland, CO

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Aquatic Womb Reiki Intensive



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