Congratulations, your family is growing! 

Are you worried about mothering a newborn AND a young toddler

all while recovering from childbirth? 

How will you juggle the demands of newborn parenting with a toddler?


Don't worry or panic about your older child's sibling adjustment! 

Set your older child up to thrive as a big brother or sister!

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19 Ways to Help Toddlers & Preschool Siblings Thrive with a Newborn!

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With a little planning and creativity, and a whole lotta love, your older child will be better prepared to adapt to all the changes, making this special time of introducing another baby into your lives full of peace, amazement, and joy! 


Written and designed by Suzanna Miller, holistic postpartum doula, Sattva Yoga Teacher, Reiki II Practitioner, and Private Chef who is dedicated to empowering women, and their partners, during the major life transitions of early parenting. She's provided over 100 families with knowledge, compassion and support. One of Suzanna's greatest passions is helping moms and dads gain all the skills, patience and knowledge, as well as, emotional support needed to make parenting a positive, fulfilling, nurturing experience instead of a fearful, stressful, overwhelming nightmare!

Suzanna is the founder of Positive Postpartum LLC, a holistic postpartum doula, assists in the awakening of the Divine Wisdom of the Feminine. She is virtually helping parents create their unique plan to welcome joy, and understand the wisdom of what it takes to have a positive mental, and emotional experience. She specializes in support packages during preconception, pregnancy and the first forty days postpartum.

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19 Ways to Help Toddlers & Preschool Siblings Thrive with a Newborn!

Are you ready to help your older child thrive during newborn parenting?


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