Spa Day

In-home Spa Day

Be pampered in your own home. Any new parent’s necessity is self-love! Time for self-care doesn't come easy. Take care of yourself with a guided 3 HOUR spa day for mothers to increase relaxation, oxytocin, and joy.


*tea and sensual snacks 

*eye mask and guided relaxation meditation

*Womb steam or Yoni brew (depending on lochia) 

*Warm oil bodywork instruction for you and baby 

*60 min. Massage by Breathe Peace Massage

*Warm sitz bath

*Babycare as needed

*Belly Binding - supports posture, lower back, and internal organs, whilst slowing building up the abs, pelvic floor and core strength. A great place-holder for the first six weeks before returning to exercise. Grounds your nervous system by preventing air and space elements from entering the body. Helps your organs come back into their proper position. Helps women feel safe and secure physically and mentally.

*Reflection and processing


*Gifts to nurture you including a belly bind to keep 

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