Vaccine Safety & Optimization

I will help you responsibly lead your decision on this extremely important subject. Evidence-based, balanced information on vaccinations from pregnancy through early childhood. It is every parent's right to choose whether to vaccinate or not. Either decision carries a responsibility to be informed around how to minimize risks of injury from the vaccine or the disease. Being informed will minimize potential health risks wherever possible. There are choices in both vaccination and non-vaccination where you can minimize health and injury risks associated with your decision. I will provide you with evidence-based information, resources, and education that will help you make an informed decision. We will discuss an infant's developing immune system, childhood vaccinated diseases, pros & cons of vaccines, options, solutions, and discuss each vaccine type and ingredients. Includes a free 15 minute consults with naturopath Dr. Meg Hammel of Children's Naturopathic Center of Colorado. 

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Image by Kelly Sikkema