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Positive Postpartum

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Each time a baby is born so is a Mother!

Your life has changed; there have been losses, and there have been gains.

 Join our virtual support community providing new and expecting moms with a safe haven to talk honestly and openly about motherhood.


All the physical, psychological, and emotional changes you go through after the birth of your child is a huge transformation.


The Village facilitates healing support, listens to women's journeys, provides emotional support, tools, and resources to minimize stress and maximize joy as you go through the process of becoming a mother, called matrescence. 


Sisterhood is essential to a healthy postpartum adjustment! Together, we work through hard feelings, giving you space to express yourself and be heard. You will gather wisdom and reassurance to prevent or work through distress. 


  • Postpartum moms during the two years
  • Pregnant mamas 



  •  Receive invaluable support from a virtual community. 

  • Be apart of a strong, supportive circle.

  • Reflect, discuss, ask questions and share your story, and listen to other mothers.

  • Access education to help you restore or prevent postpartum distress

  • Participate in weekly circles and have your questions answered immediately.  

  • Reawaken your hidden powers!

  • Create more joy and love of life.

  • Heal and bring relief to birth traumas.

  • Assess your own needs and gain tools for meeting them.

  • Connect with your divine feminine essence. 
  • Build your tribe.
  • Be a healthy and empowered mama!  


1) Becoming a Mother: 

Explore your transition to motherhood, reflecting on your development, and helping you with the identity shifts and aspects of yourself.​ Let's honor this rite of passage.

2) Postpartum Mind: Heightened Sensitivities

Reflecting on the highs and lows of mothering a newborn: hormones, emotions, intrusive thoughts, limiting beliefs, fears, insomnia, paranoia, the list goes on and on. Explore baby brain with a new understanding. Reflect with one another and receive mindset & meditation tools for balance. 

3) A Mother's Intuition

Motherhood is a feminine way of knowing and learning from within. Open to trust and reflect on your experience, accepting the unknown, building confidence from within yourself, and be empowered.

4) The Postpartum Body

Birth story reflection and tools for recovery, breast care, pelvic floor, nutrition, bodywork, stretching, Yoga, and body image discussions for healing and nurturing your beautiful body.  

5) Caring for Baby

All about the baby(ies). Reflect and share how everything is going. Asking questions about feeding, sleeping, tools for bonding with baby's emerging personality. Teaching and sharing on developmental milestones in the first year.

6) Spiritual Partnership

All about your transformation as a new mother and the vibration you hold for yourself and your child. Building a spiritual partnership with your child, being present and opening to higher states of consciousness to connect deeply and learn from one another.


Your postpartum transition will be remembered for years to come. Let's make it joyful and let's support one another. Your health impacts the health of the whole family. A healthy and empowered mama is truly invaluable!


$55/ month



Suzanna Miller, founder of Positive Postpartum LLC is a certified postpartum doula, certified yoga + meditation instructor, level II Reiki practitioner, and family wellness advocate who has worked with children and families since 2011 in multiple settings including University studies in Developmental Psychology, work at the Yale Child Study Center Research Lab, Child Psychiatric Unit, multiple teaching positions at daycares and schools and over 100+ in-home assignments as a professional nanny, learning coach, and postpartum doula. Learn more about her story here.


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